Our Story

Finding the light in the darkness is what our Founder Taralyn did during the chaotic time of  COVID19. While practicing daily meditation and yoga to help center herself during the  beginning of the pandemic, she realized that she wanted to do more to help her clients.  Helping them with just their skin was not enough; she needed to help them on a deeper  level, so she decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. With the combination of both certifications, skin care and nutritional care, she can  help clients achieve radiance inside and out. In June 2020, the idea of Nirvana Health and  Beauty was born; it started small and grew into what was Taralyn's dream of having a spa  that is geared to wellness where clients can experience facials, massage, reiki,  acupuncture, integrative health coaching, infrared sauna, and more wonderful treatments to  come in the near future. When deciding on where to open the spa, she thought what better  place than her community of Northern Liberties, a community that comes together to help  support other small businesses and a neighborhood that was lacking a business like  Nirvana. Ultimately, after months of searching, she finally found the perfect space with the  original charm of the neighborhood. It was important for the spa to be full of positive energy  where no one is ever judged by who they are or how they look. This spa invokes a warm,  inviting space to come and relax and leave feeling radiant inside and out. Taralyn also  wanted a space where her clients and employees could feel safe. The employees at  Nirvana are doing everything to protect everyone from viruses and illnesses by enforcing a  strict policy for both clients and employees to not come in if they are sick, and Nirvana has  implemented strict cleaning and disinfecting guidelines to make sure the space stays clean  and free of germs. In addition, Nirvana has employed a medical director who had front line  experience during the pandemic. The dream turned to reality when Nirvana Health and  Beauty opened their doors on August 20th 2020. Our experienced team awaits you!