"Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not."

Taralyn Freda LE, INHC (Founder) 


began her career over 20 years ago in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist and a licensed esthetician in PA and NJ. After battling adult acne her passion and love for skincare grew.  She wanted to be able to help others fix their skin so that they could feel more comfortable in their own skin.  So she followed her dream and finished Rizzieri Aveda School at the top of the class, with the highest GPA.


Taralyn spent the last few years at Rescue Spa after being the lead esthetician at VirTu Spa in Moorestown.

She loves what she does and believes that furthering education and knowledge is paramount. You can find her attending skincare seminars and classes regularly. Taralyn is also a healer.  As a level 2 Reiki that is Oncology skincare certified she is able to offer a relaxing and soothing treatment.

Recently, she felt the need to help her clients on a deeper level so she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Integrative Health Coach and believes this is the path to helping her clients on the inside and out.


She believes beautiful skin requires commitment and here at Nirvana Health and Beauty, she can help you fulfill that.



  • In a world of Instagram filters and bad advice, Taralyn is a refreshing change of pace and the absolute best. I'm so grateful I met her and so is my skin. Her experience and attention to detail mean that every facial I've ever had with her is tailored to my skin's needs. She knows where my skin started and where it is now, which means for the first time in my life I've been consistently confident in my skin. I've never had Taralyn "upsell" a product to me and everything I've used at her recommendation is now a staple that continues to make a major difference. I had to move away from Philadelphia for work, but I will continue to make seeing her a regular part of my monthly visit to home because nobody in DC can compare :).  -Rachel S.

  • I have struggled with facial skin issues since puberty, and the impact on my life became a daily struggle. That unrelenting self-consciousness was eventually met with frustration as I tried one thing after the next but could not seem to make any progress. I followed the suggestions of friends, read everything I could find, spent who knows how much on products, saw highly recommended dermatologists, and went to various spas desperate for an answer and willing to undergo expensively and at times painful treatments - literally, I would have done just about anything, and yet nothing seemed to work. I felt defeated and desperate, increasingly skeptical that I would ever feel comfortable in my own skin until I found Taralyn. She talked me off the ledge and immediately started me on a comprehensive facial care strategy that works. What she offers that I’ve never gotten before is the combination of access to her carefully vetted treatments, her immense knowledge on the subject, and her passion for helping me. All the fancy tools in the world can’t match her experience and understanding and devotion. She went through every single ingredient in my skincare regimen and found things that were potential contributors to my issues. The best endorsement I can give is that now I trust Taralyn with all my skincare needs, and even though I have to move to Ohio for work, I’m still coming back to Philly for her monthly. She’s absolutely the best, and if you’re like I was - exhausted and ready to give up - or just wanting to make your skin the best it can be, give her a call! –Jordan D.