Licensed Esthetician and Integrative Health Coach
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Taralyn began her career over 20 years ago in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist and a licensed esthetician in PA and NJ. After battling adult acne her passion and love for skincare grew.  She wanted to be able to help others fix their skin so that they could feel more comfortable in their own skin.  So she followed her dream and finished Rizzieri Aveda School at the top of the class, with the highest GPA.

Taralyn spent the last few years at Rescue Spa after being the lead esthetician at VirTu Spa in Moorestown, NJ.​

She loves what she does and believes that furthering education and knowledge is paramount. You can find her attending skincare seminars and classes regularly. Taralyn is also a healer.  As a level 2 Reiki that is Oncology skincare certified she is able to offer a relaxing and soothing treatment.​

Recently, she felt the need to help her clients on a deeper level so she enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Integrative Health Coach and believes this is the path to helping her clients on the inside and out.


She believes beautiful skin requires commitment and here at Nirvana Health & Beauty, she can help you fulfill that

"Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not."

Licensed Esthetician 

After graduating from The Lancaster School of Cosmetology in 2011, Katie began her journey of helping people with their skincare goals. While there was a brief hiatus where she travelled the east coast being the lead singer in a cover band, Katie always found her way back into the skincare world. 

Having previously worked at The Rittenhouse Hotel & Spa in Philadelphia, Katie was trained in luxury spa services by Forbes. She received a personal score of service of 96%; a high score only 1% of all Forbes rated spa employees in the world have attained. Even without this, Katie always goes above and beyond to make her clients feel relaxed and to truly listen and help with their skincare needs. 

Katie has two approaches to her skincare method with her clients: knowing the right ingredients and products for the best results, and reducing stress. She believes giving her clients the knowledge of the ins and outs of skincare products while also encouraging them to take the necessary “me time” to get regular facials, are the best tools to achieve their skincare goals. 

Make your appointment with her today at Nirvana Health and Beauty and let her help you discover just how radiant your skin can be. 

"Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin."

 Certified Medical Injector

After listening to Candace explain the benefits of neurotoxin and dermal fillers, it’s easy to understand why she says aesthetics chose her. She became obsessed with beauty and immortality at a young age and all the ways to prevent aging and maintaining youth. So it was only natural after many experiences and a rigorous education in the life sciences, she decided to merge her artistic and scientific halves as a nurse injector. She states: “once I found out there was an area of nursing in which helping people look and feel good were the aims, I was sold!” ⠀⠀


After training at the Institute for Laser medicine to become a certified medical injector, she began honing her craft and has continued to train in advanced injection techniques and utilization of various energy devices. Proficient in the placement of neurotoxin and temporary and semi permanent dermal fillers, Candace’s clients have the most amazing things to say. She takes time with each person to understand their individual wants and needs to help guide them to aesthetic perfection.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Born in Kingston, raised in Queens and Houston, Candace is empathetic and intuitive. which makes it easy for patients to talk to her. She has worked in the service industry as a server and personal trainer, and still serves as a nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Meredith has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003. Her fascination with the healing powers of massage therapy began when she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease at just 12-years-old. Meredith credits massage therapy as a significant influence in her physical and mental recovery from partial facial paralysis.

To increase her knowledge and understanding of these practices, she attended the Professional School of Massage Therapy in Langhorne, PA, and graduated in March 2003. Her work ethic is reinforced by the healing aspects of bodywork through massage, aromatherapy, and cupping therapy.

Meredith also found her calling in energy work, and became a Reiki practitioner in 2013. She uses her expertise to help patients undergoing hospice, cancer treatments, or substance abuse withdrawal, as well as those seeking stress management and overall health and wellbeing.

Meredith joined the team at Nirvana with the encouraging mission of fostering permanent change in individuals and promoting the receptivity of the effective healing therapies of her practice.

* Services include: Reiki, Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, aromatherapy, cupping and Gua Sha

Licensed Massage Therapist

Colleen is a highly skilled PA licensed massage therapist, specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports/cupping, gua sha, and hot stone massage.

  • She graduated from Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. 

  • In 2017 she was voted the Best Massage at Philly.com Readers’ Choice Awards.

  • Colleen has worked at some of the tops spas in the city including Topper's and Rescue Spa

Licensed Massage Therapist

Leah has been practicing massage therapy since 2003, and is licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Using techniques ranging from neuromuscular therapy to relaxation Swedish, Leah focuses in on target areas to maximize your time on the table.

She specializes in prenatal massage, massage for people impacted by cancer, neurological injuries, and other health concerns that massage is known to benefit. Throughout her career she has found a niche in serving those who experience pain from activity, from work, from trauma, or from illness.

Schedule with Leah on Saturdays and alternate Sundays.

Licensed Acupuncturist + Herbalist

Beata Maslanka Lc.OM is a licensed and board-certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. 


She earned her degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a leader in patient-centered, traditional East Asian, and integrative healthcare.

As an avid dancer, Beata is especially interested in practices that maintain optimum health, longevity, mobility, and performance long into our older age. 


Her sensitive, gentle manner will put you at ease while her ability to listen and be present provides a space for healing and clearing. 


One of Beata’s passions is acupuncture facial rejuvenation treatment. This treatment helps many of her patients keep their youthful and healthy appearance while improving their overall health and well-being. She was featured on ABC6 news and was interviewed for Today.com's by Anna De Souza and was even on Polish National TV.


Beata also has a particular interest in emotional well-being. Through her practice, she has observed a clear connection between our emotional, mental fitness, and our ability to heal and get better faster physically. 


Beata’s patients come in all ages and backgrounds. She enjoys treating kids as much as adults! She loves the spontaneous interaction and unpredictability while treating children.  


Beata has practiced since 2006.

Her background includes internships at Mount Sinai Beth Israel;   The Initiative for Women with Disabilities Program, St. Vincent Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York City, NY.


Combining her love of travel and adventure with acupuncture, Beata moved to beautiful Dublin, Ireland, where she established a successful clinic. Her itch to travel is irresistible.  She treated passengers on the Adonia, cruising the Caribbean, Central America, and the Amazon while treating people from across the globe. 


Beata practiced with Dr. Lisa Beth Freedman in Villanova, PA as well as at the Art of Wellness, a Holistic Wellness Center for Mental Health in Philadelphia. She also practices  at Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture.

“It gives me enormous satisfaction and joy to be able to guide and advise my clients to feel better and improve their conditions. I am so honored and privileged to be a part of the healing journey for everyone I treat”.